Weight management

Vet Brad Cooper invites you to get a free weight check for your pet.


Preventative health care is central to the Folly Gardens approach and one of the simplest measures we can take as owners is to carefully manage the weight of our pets.


This spring we’re encouraging you, whether you’re currently registered with us or not, to pop into one of our three clinics and check the weight of your cat or dog. You don’t need an appointment with a vet or nurse. It’s a two minute job to pop your pet on the electronic scales in the waiting area and ask one of our friendly reception team to create a record for you.


Weight control is critical to health so it’s one of the routine checks we offer, along with worming and vaccination services, to all pets and included within our Folly Care Club. We know that it’s easy for the pounds to creep on, especially after neutering, during winter when it’s harder to get outdoors and as your pet gets older. However, carrying excess weight raises the risk of diabetes and all the potential complications linked to that. It puts stress on joints, leading to or exacerbating arthritis. And it can mean that your dog or cat is less playful and energetic than they could be.


If you’re unclear about your pet’s weight, our qualified nurses use specialist charts to help assess it and calculate what’s ideal for each cat or dog. If any weight loss is needed, they can work with you to create an individual nutrition and exercise plan and help you to monitor it. Often, simple measures such as reducing portion size, altering the number of meals, minimising snacks and increasing activity will achieve the desired change over a period of months. It’s important that any weight loss is gradual, continual and supervised as dramatic diets can have a detrimental effect on health.


It feels great as an owner to know that you’re doing the best for your pet. Please bring your dog or cat in to be weighed or for any other pet advice call us on 01684 292244.








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