Water for wildlife

RHS Chelsea Gold medal winning designer, Richard Mercer, on how to create a natural pool in your garden.


Constructing a pond has the power to transform your garden, bringing colour, fluidity and an essential sense of calm. Creating a mirror for the sky, with the reflections that it brings, fundamentally changes both the look and feel of any space.


Since the earliest times, gardeners have understood that the way we use water can dramatically affect our mood. As one of the five elements and the essence of life, it is integral to any natural landscape. With its almost mystical ability to affect our senses, it is often the missing ingredient in a garden that doesn’t feel quite right.


Used as a pond, still water quietens and soothes our senses so is ideal for an area of the garden where you would like to sit and relax. It’s the single most important feature to include if you want to attract wildlife. Even the smallest of ponds can bring in damsel and dragonflies, frogs, toads and newts. It could also act as a feeding ground to support birds, hedgehogs and bats – all natural pest controllers.


A pond can take many forms, large or small, formal or informal, from a vast wild pool surrounded by a meadow to a tiny geometric container. Combining a pond with a cascade, pump and ultraviolet filter ensures the water constantly circulates to optimise its health, quality and clarity.


Contrasting the liquidity of water with a solid backdrop of rock, metal or timber gives a pond the sense of being grounded in its landscape. Planting it up with a carefully selected combination of marginal, floating and submerged plants will soften the look, making it pleasing to the eye and helping balance nutrient levels to ensure algae is controlled. Plants can be chosen that will maximise the benefits to wildlife, bringing birds, insects and small mammals to your garden.


Having trained at Pershore College over 25 years ago and been awarded an RHS Chelsea Gold Medal, the WaterStone team has completed projects of all sizes, domestic and commercial, across the Cotswolds and beyond. We focus on one project at a time and I am always on site to personally oversee the process. To book a free initial consultation about your garden please email
rm@water-stone.co.uk or call me on 07860 603598.







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