Personal by design

Every great hairstyle begins with a conversation suggests colour specialist Graham West.

If you are stuck in a hair rut take a cue from the natural world and consider a fresh new look. Reimagining yourself is hard and often, clients don’t know where to start. Following trends can be fun but hair has to be wearable too. Evolving a new style has to start with you as an individual, especially as you get older and have a clearer sense of who you are.


It’s one of the reasons we offer all new clients a complimentary consultation - fifteen minutes to discuss your hair, with take home samples, a skin test and advice. It gives you the chance to visit the salon, meet us, and ensure you are comfortable before we touch your hair.


Getting to know you

Our approach is all about helping you create the best version of yourself. The time we spend talking about your hair is as important as the time we spend cutting it so we begin by sitting back and listening. We want to know all the frustrations you have with your hair, as well as the things you like about it. We ask you about the looks you prefer and your lifestyle, including how much time and money you want to invest in maintenance. Finally, we assess face shape, skin tone, eye colour and the texture of your hair, make suggestions, and ask for feedback. As professionals, we’re trained to know what shapes will flatter and soften your features and how colour can enhance your cut.


Easy and convenient

Our approach is the result of 25 years of experience, working in London and the Cotswolds. Our lovely Fladbury salon, located between Pershore and Evesham, offers easy access, free parking and three late nights.


Having a fresh new haircut can transform how you look and feel about yourself. Call today on
01386 860361 or visit us online to book your complimentary consultation with samples, a skin test and advice.

Tel: 01386 860 361




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