A heritage solution

Secondary glazing is a solution for period homes recommended by Historic England as there is no loss of historic fabric and in most cases, the installation is easily reversible explains John Lannen.


Many owners of historic properties enjoy the appearance and character of their traditional windows but are unhappy with their performance. If you live in a property that is Grade I or Grade II Listed, or lies within a Conservation Area, you are not permitted to change or upgrade your glazing without the permission of the Local Authority. However, secondary glazing is almost always approved, bringing you the comforts of a modern home that most of us expect today. It’s a solution that enables you to retain the original characteristics of your property and take advantage of advances in design, materials and manufacture.


The secondary glazing L+L recommends has been specifically designed for listed buildings, conservation areas and heritage properties. Handcrafted, slimline and discreet, it has supported renovations to some of the UK’s most iconic historic buildings, both commercial and residential.


When carefully designed and installed, secondary glazing not only looks pleasing but enhances thermal and acoustic efficiency and provides added security.


Balance comfort and conservation

As a fully independent interior glazed unit, fitted to the inside of your existing window, secondary glazing is almost invisible from outside. It comes as fixed, horizontal or vertical sliding units to match the style and colour of your original opening. This means that it works in even the most quirky of properties and with windows of varying shapes and sizes, including gothic arches. Units are manufactured to order in bespoke sizes and available in over 200 RAL colours. Frames can be formed to suit any window size, shape or style. Since the products are made for you they can be designed to match both transoms and mullions to reduce sightlines and make the unit even more discreet.


Installed from the inside of your home, secondary glazing creates little to no mess. Often installations can be completed within one day.


Increased thermal performance of up to 65%

Draughty windows can make a room feel uncomfortable. Secondary glazing provides an additional barrier to the elements, sealing draughts and reducing wasteful heat loss. The creation of an insulating layer of air is as important to conserving heat as the fitment and seals, and with the right glass, heat loss can be reduced by as much as 65 percent.* This means that installations often exceed Building Regulation requirements and result in significantly lower bills. It’s an affordable investment with quick returns.


Improved noise insulation

When correctly specified and installed, secondary glazing will acoustically outperform all other types of glazing. In areas of noise pollution, it’s often installed alongside double or triple glazing because it offers the most effective noise insulation available and can reduce pollution levels by up to 80%* (54dB). This is enough to render noisy neighbours, a busy railway line or a rumbling motorway to a whisper. If you live with high noise pollution, secondary glazing can improve your concentration, relaxation and sleep, enhancing your quality of life.


Enhanced security

Windows are often a weak point in your home and in this respect secondary glazing offers a real advantage. Unlike a single glazed window, it’s extremely difficult to open from outside so provides a second shield to forced entry. For large homes, commercial building or churches which can be targeted for their valuables, there are significant benefits to this added protection.


Like all L+L products, secondary glazing is installed by our team of experienced craftsmen and covered by a ten year guarantee. With over three decades of experience, we have the expertise to combine modern technology with the traditional skills of a local family company, ensuring a refined installation.



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