Wellness blood tests

Vet Brad Cooper on how a blood test can help optimise the health of your pet.


The key to keeping your pet healthy for as long as possible is to combine preventive health care with early intervention and regular monitoring. This is the cornerstone of our approach, helping pets and their owners enjoy the optimum quality of life together.


Our Folly Care Club package bundles up the basic services you need to give your pet the best chance of enjoying good health throughout its life. With annual vaccinations, two vet and two nurse checks a year, flea, worm and parasite treatments plus 10% off dentals and long term medications, it’s an affordable way to care for your friend.


We’re delighted to now also offer wellness blood tests. A simple vial of blood can tell us a lot about the health of your pet. Looking at their biochemistry helps us to assess how well their body is working including liver and kidney function, whilst haematology can reveal issues with infection or immune function such as anaemia.


We routinely use blood tests to help manage conditions such as diabetes and we’ve recently integrated them into our preventative healthcare approach. They are useful for two reasons. Firstly, if your pet becomes ill, it helps us to look back to a baseline blood test showing what was normal for them when they were well. This is because many of the indicators we look at have a normal range, not a fixed measure, so what is typical for one animal may be high or low for another.


Secondly, a blood test can help us diagnose problems early, making a good outcome more likely. Symptoms of illness such as drinking more or eating less often go unnoticed, allowing problems to creep up, but a blood test can reveal vital information that prompts discussion, monitoring and early diagnosis.


Quick and low risk, a wellness blood test can be carried out by a nurse or vet at a routine appointment. To book yours, or for any other pet advice, please call our friendly team on 01684 292244.







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