Staying safe

Vet Brad Cooper on issues that often affect pets during the summer.


One of the best things about summer is getting out and about in the sunshine. Like us, most dogs love exploring but adventures can bring hazards, the results of which we often see in clinic. It’s worth planning for the season ahead to give your pet the best chance of staying safe and healthy.



Folly Gardens recommends that you never leave your dog in a car unattended. Dogs die in hot cars every year, often causing devastation to owners who thought it was safe if the window was open or it was only for a few minutes. Dogs can’t regulate their bodies like we can and a car left in the sunshine, even in cold weather, can rapidly heat to a life threatening temperature. For the same reason, pets should not be locked in a conservatory or sunny room. Always ensure they have access to cold water as panting reduces fluids which must be replenished.


Hot weather can make exercise a problem. All dogs need a walk, even on the hottest days, but try taking them out early in the morning or late at night to avoid the risk of overheating or scalding paws on pavements. It’s also a good idea to get long or dense coats clipped.



Insects that move, fly and buzz are intriguing to pets who may spend hours trying to catch them. It’s amusing but can also be dangerous if they are stung on the eyes, nose or lips. Stings can cause pain, swelling of the airways and occasionally, an allergic reaction. If you hear your pet yelp or whimper, or spot any facial swelling, always get them checked by a vet.


Fleas and ticks

Year round prevention is better than cure and we can prescribe various parasite controls including tablets, injections, collars and spot-on treatments, with discounts via our Folly Care Club. To find one that will suit your lifestyle, or for any other pet advice, please call our friendly team on
01684 292244.




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