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Personal style advice from Kate Evans, Image Consultant and Coach.

With the recent glorious (and not so glorious!) weather floral prints have been out in force. Personally, I don’t wear flowers often but I can be persuaded once in a while; I’m certainly partial to the odd floral shoe or pretty dress. How keen you are on florals is linked to your Style Personality. If you tend to lean towards the romantic/ frilly / lacy / girly side of style then you will be all over them. For those of you who can’t get enough of anything with a flower here is my guide on how to wear them best.


Size matters

Consider the size of the print. If you’re petite, smaller and more delicate prints are great. If you’re of average height then a medium size pattern will work well and if you’re grande (5’7” and taller) then go for something a little bigger and bolder.


Love colour

Make sure the principal colour in your floral is a good one for you. To ensure everything harmonises with your colouring and the outfit is shown off to its best, pick out one colour from within the pattern and use it for your accessories.


Shape up

Wear florals on your bottom half if you are top-heavy and on your top half if you are bottom-heavy. Remember; whenever you wear your print is where the eye will be drawn so use flowers to show off your best bits.


Funky feet

Embellished footwear is everywhere this season, so you may want to consider trainers with a floral print embossed on them. It’s a great way of enjoying ‘just a touch’ if you don’t want to make too much of a statement.


Subtle statements

If you want to do florals in a low key way then consider customising your look by adding a brooch or scarf with a floral design to your outfit. Scarves also look great tied around your handbag if it’s too warm to wear one around your neck.


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