Colour me blonde

Making blonde work at every age with Aveda colour specialist Graham West.

Blonde is the kindest colour for every complexion and best complements most skin tones, as lighter shades help to lift and brighten the appearance of skin. As a colour it holds potential for everyone because when it comes to lighter hair, it’s definitely not a case of one size fits all.


If you are going grey, blonde can be a flattering choice whether you are naturally fair, red or brunette. Blonde spans a huge spectrum, taking in literally hundreds of shades from warm strawberry through golden caramel and honey tones to cool platinum and silver. The key is to get the colour right for you, taking into account your face shape, skin tone and eye colour. The ideal shade will lift your complexion, making you look healthy and your eyes stand out.


There are many ways to tackle greying hair depending on the amount of coverage you want, the stage of the process you are at and your budget. We have many colouring techniques at our fingertips, including ecliptingTM or balayage. All use products that have certified organic plant oils to help condition for luminous colour, allowing us to create blonde hair that is shiny, healthy and looks sophisticated.


The process can be subtle and happen over time. Going from brunette with a few grey hairs to a solid blonde might be too stark. However, by doing it gradually, such as introducing highlights that are lighter and warmer than your base, we can move your colour towards blonde in a way that will soften your look.


A great haircut and colour can change how you look and feel about yourself as you get older. We invite you to visit the salon to meet us and ensure you feel comfortable before we touch your hair. Call today on 01386 860361 to book your complimentary hair care consultation with skin test and Aveda samples.

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