Puppy Parties

Puppy parties are the best way to socialise your dog suggests qualified vet nurse Lotte Smith.


If you’re bringing a puppy home this summer, it’s a good idea to plan in a puppy party. It’s a fun and educational evening for all the family, designed to give you and your pet the best possible start in life.


At Folly Gardens, we are proud of our parties; Animal Behaviourist Zoe Hockley and myself have been carefully evolving the format for ten years now. As well as socialisation, we aim to help with your puppy’s behaviour.


The personality of your puppy will be shaped by their early experiences. Weeks eight to sixteen are a critical window during which they will take on their blueprint of the world. During this time, patterns of response are fixed to a large extent so it’s important to do all you can to mould temperament and behaviour. A puppy party can help in these ways:


Meeting other dogs

Due to the risk of disease, it’s advised that puppies do not go out in public for sixteen weeks. However, your puppy can attend a party once it has had its first vaccinations, usually at eight weeks. By guaranteeing that all pets who participate have been vaccinated, we offer a controlled environment for your puppy to socialise. By limiting numbers, taking care to match up dogs and managing interactions, we ensure every puppy has a good experience.


Befriending the veterinary team

A positive early experience of attending the clinic and meeting the team means your dog is less likely to be afraid in later life.


Learning about the world

With tips on behaviour, advice on puppy training and a Q and A session, the evening is a valuable source of support. You’ll take home a goodie bag with gifts, leaflets, useful local contacts and a training checklist.



Puppy parties run from 7.30- 9.00pm on alternate Mondays at our Walton Cardiff branch near Tewkesbury and cost just £10. Please call our friendly team on 01684 292244 to book your place.







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