Trapped in Black

A recent survey found that 41% of our wardrobes are made up of black clothes. Sound familiar asks Kate Evans?

On average, each of us owns five black tops, three black pairs of trousers, two black skirts, one little black dress and four pairs of black shoes. Some of us shop for black as it’s safe and many items don’t come in any other colour. Others feel it’s slimming but there’s a problem with black. It just doesn’t suit everyone.


With colour, the theory is that the ones that suit you best will help you to achieve an overall “look”, creating synergy between your hair, eye and skin tones and your outfit. Dressing in the ‘wrong’ colour can either make you look pale and drawn, or create a ‘lollipop effect’, as if your head is stuck on top of your body, with no link to your clothes colours.


Many people think of black as a wardrobe staple, the perfect neutral, because it goes with so many other colours. However, it’s easy to get so used to seeing yourself in it that you don’t question whether it actually suits you.


Often in private consultations, I’ll show clients what black looks like next to their face, pointing out how it can highlight dark circles and flaws. I then show them alternative colours which reflect the right light onto their face, helping them look well and rested. It always results is audible gasps!!


The only women that black flatters are those with dark hair and dark eyes, dark hair and bright blue eyes, or silver hair. This is because black harmonises and balances with their natural colouring.


If your hair isn’t these colours, there are some great alternatives. Brown, olive green, navy and charcoal grey are fabulous teamed with brighter colours. Dark purple or damson are also useful neutrals, offering that slimming effect without being black.


So next time you reach for that new black purchase, think again; should I really be wearing this? What would be a better alternative?




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