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Sidestepping job dissatisfaction with Kirsten Cluer.

Job dissatisfaction is something that every employer should try to avoid amongst their employees. After all, unhappy workers are unproductive ones and this, ultimately, has adverse effects on the company as a whole.


Employees who are dissatisfied tend to lack motivation, have a negative attitude and perform poorly. An unhappy workforce creates a culture of frustration, leading to high rates of absenteeism and staff turnover. To avoid this, it’s worth encouraging a healthy work-life balance, recognising that each individual has a life beyond the office.


Being underpaid

If workers feel that they are low or working too hard for their money, they are likely to feel unhappy. If your business is unable to provide salary increases, it’s worth considering rewards such as flexible shift patterns, tickets to films or sporting events, or even paid days off.


Lack of meaningful work

If employees feel their work lacks purpose or is monotonous, they will inevitably become bored. Work that lacks meaning or direction leaves no room for growth and offers no incentive to strive towards maximum productivity. Ensuring staff feel their work is valuable and offers a challenge will be more inclined to strive harder and give original input.


Poor management

Workers who feel dictated to or lack feedback are likely to feel disheartened. Managers who focus solely on results can become detached from the needs of their employees, neglecting the natural human desire for inspiration and growth. Leaders with high expectations, who show confidence in their staff, will produce eager, motivated workers.


Limited opportunities

A workplace that lacks opportunities can make employees feel stuck, causing crashes in motivation and productivity. Including valued employees in long-term business plans, and recognising effort by offering promotion, will motivate them and the wider team.


Good terms and conditions, effective communication and career progression are fundamental to a happy workforce. If you’d like advice on motivating your team, please email or call 01386 751740.
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