Senior Life Stage

How to optimise the health of your pet in later life with vet Lizzie Threadingham BVSc MRCVS GPcert WVA&CPM.


Dogs enter the senior life stage at various points, depending on their size and breed. Large dogs are usually considered senior around age five to seven but for smaller dogs, who tend to live longer, it’s more like eight to ten.


Many owners dread their pet aging because they associate it with decline and ill health. Although age itself is not a disease, older animals may experience health changes and can be at greater risk of developing conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and dental disease. The key to good health in older age life is a combination of preventive care with early intervention and regular health monitoring by a veterinary professional.


Being aware of the common signs of aging, spotting them early and having the courage to raise them with your vet offers the best chance of being able to reverse symptoms or manage them long term. Signs to look out for include changes to appetite or fluid intake, altered bowel or urinary habits, a reluctance to exercise, irritability and agitation, and/or reduced enthusiasm for life.


Overall, the most positive approach we can take is to make healthy lifestyle choices for our pets and maintain them throughout their lives. Feeding a nutritious diet, keeping weight within healthy limits and providing regular exercise with mental stimulation are all essential.


The Folly Care Club package is designed to optimise the chances of your cat or dog enjoying good health throughout its life, including the senior stage. With annual vaccinations, two vet checks and two nurse checks a year, flea, worm and parasite treatments plus 10% off dentals and long term medications it’s a pro-active and economical way to care for your pet.


If you have any concerns about your pet the first step is to see a vet. For help and advice on any small animal issue please call our friendly team.





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