Employee Morale

How to boost employee morale with Kirsten Cluer.

Employee morale refers to the attitudes that workers have in their workplace. Workers who feel satisfied and confident in their jobs tend to have high morale which includes a belief in their role and a feeling that their career needs are being met. When happiness levels dip, it can negatively impact productivity and motivation. Knowing ways to boost morale is an important factor in preventing high staff turnover.


Ensure that your employees feel valued

The single most effective thing you can do as a leader is make your employees feel that their job has a higher purpose than just sitting in an office and producing work. Showing employees how their role benefits clients and the business itself will lead to better work. From the first interview, it’s important to share your business vision and goals so workers can embrace them and try to help you get there. It’s also important to value each worker as a person. Recognising birthdays or giving small gifts to celebrate milestones is enough to show people they matter.


Celebrate accomplishments

Celebrating success reinforces high quality work. Try asking each employee to provide a list of achievements and reward the best. Regular fun days out or team building trips will also encourage everyone.


Leadership and relationships

Employee morale tends to correlate with the confidence they have in their leaders. Leaders who treat their employees fairly and with respect are ones who can expect positivity and high quality work. Good relationships throughout the office results in workers who look forward to going to work, strive harder and are more likely to collaborate to improve their skills. Giving employees opportunities to develop through regular training and catchup meetings will not only positively impact the business, but also increase the likelihood of making them want to stay with you.


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