Light + Longevity

With all the benefits of a conservatory and the advantage that you can situate it anywhere, a double glazed summerhouse offers several advantages over wood suggests John Lannen, Director at L+L.


Spacious, luxurious and versatile - a glass garden building offers warmth, light and the chance to enjoy more of that wonderful summer feeling, all year round.


If you lack the right spot for a conservatory, a garden building will enable you to relax in your garden more often, stay outside later each evening and enjoy being outdoors on days when it would otherwise be too cold.


Traditionally, summerhouses have been made of timber but double glazing offers several benefits. Wood requires regular maintenance whereas a glazed structure needs almost none. Since the cost of timber is constantly rising, glass is often now comparable in price. It’s also stronger, more permanent and far more secure.


Our thermally efficient garden buildings come in a range of styles and sizes, plus six colour options. With a choice of glass panels or brickwork available and a variety of roofing and flooring materials, you can create a structure unique to you. Add insulation, automatic air vents, roof vents, windows and air conditioning and you can be sure of a comfortable temperature all year round.


Heating can be added using an electric fan heater, underfloor heating or even a wood burning stove. Each building comes with multipoint door and window locks and our guarantee.


Nordic Garden Buildings are supplied to us by a Welsh company that has been manufacturing products from UPVc for 40 years. Their range was launched in Europe where they have been tested in extreme weather conditions and proven to be robust.


Installation is easy and will take our skilled teams just one or two days; you don’t even need planning permission, just a suitable patio or deck.


Best of all, a glass garden building is portable so if you decide to move home you can take it with you.



As a family company, the L+L team believe in delivering high quality products & impeccable service at an affordable price. Why not visit our showroom in Tewkesbury, including a display of glass buildings; you can talk to us about the options for your home and experience our extensive range of products. Pop in or call on 01684 295038 to arrange a free home survey.



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