Using Water in your Garden

With RHS Chelsea Gold medal winning designer, Richard Mercer.

Water can provide the backdrop or focal point for any garden. From the stillness of a lake or pond to the splash and sparkle of a fountain, it has a unique ability to enhance our mood. Whether you want to create a tranquil place in which to relax, feel inspired or be invigorated, water will stimulate your senses, reflect the seasons and attract wildlife to your garden. It’s an essential aspect of any garden design. For optimum results consider the following factors:


Water can be used to create a sense of place or take us on a journey, perhaps from a calm seating area via a stream to an energising focal point. A feature that is not at first seen could be heard, drawing you in to explore.

Be sure to contrast the fluidity of water with a solid backdrop of rock, metal or timber, softened with plants. Rock must be hard enough to withstand heavy frosts and immersion; a few large pieces, well submerged, will be more convincing than several smaller ones. Rocks should be positioned so that the layers within them link naturally.

Ensure any form of open water is brimming. Bringing the level up as high as possible will create maximum impact and reflect light around the garden.

Never scrimp on filtration; instead oversize the unit for the volume of water intended.

• Regulate the flow of water to create the desired sound effects. While still water is tranquil, a babbling brook can be soothing and the splash of a fountain or waterfall will create vibrancy. With technical knowledge, it’s possible to improve the character of the sound with surprising results. A sheet of water flowing from a metal spout (above) can be virtually silent while a cascade (opposite) can be engineered to create a fine, mellow splash.



Having trained at Pershore College over 25 years ago and been awarded an RHS Chelsea Gold Medal, our team has completed projects of all sizes, both domestic and commercial, across the Cotswolds and beyond. We focus on one project at a time and I am always on site to personally oversee the process. To book your free initial consultation please call on 07860 603598.





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