Caring For Your Pets

Vet Hannah Fry of Folly Gardens, who has a keen interest in dental health, on the benefits of preventative care.


As with humans, dental care for cats and dogs, has progressed rapidly in the last ten years. Scientific research has given us a new understanding of the significant benefits of preventative care and the importance of offering treatment in the early stages of dental disease. It’s a good news/ bad news situation for owners; we no longer have to put up with bad breath and tooth loss as being inevitable as our pets age, but unfortunately, preventative care means actively brushing their teeth using pet toothpaste.


The best approach is to get your cat or dog used to having a brush and paste in their mouth from an early age. Meat flavoured veterinary toothpaste will help with this and our consulting nurses are on hand to advise on brushing techniques if required. Ideally, teeth should be brushed twice a day for two minutes, morning and night, and as with any chore, it’s simply a case of getting into the habit. In the past, clients only brought their pets to clinic when advanced disease made their breath unbearable and extraction was often the only solution. Now, with regular brushing, modern surgical techniques and dedicated nurse dental clinics as part of our standard care, we can prevent many oral health issues.


To help us further, we’ve recently invested in a portable dental x-ray machine which has a tiny plate, twice the size of a postage stamp, that goes into the animal’s mouth. With cats and dogs, two thirds of the tooth lies beneath the gum line so it’s not possible to assess root and bone health during conscious examination. With this equipment, we can fully assess the oral health of all cats and dogs undergoing a standard dental clean during one swift procedure. Members of our Folly Care Club get a discount on dentals as part of their package.


With a combination of diligent preventative care, both at home and in the clinic, we’ll help you keep your pet happy and healthy for years to come, complete with a shiny Hollywood smile.



Our RCVS accredited and cat friendly team of vets and nurses voluntarily undergo rigorous inspection and adhere to recognised clinical standards. For advice on any pet issue please call us on Tewkesbury 01684 292244 or Bishop’s Cleeve 01242 679880.




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