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Anthea Garley, Kitchen Designer at Evesham based Vale Kitchens, draws on 30 years’ experience to guide your choice of work surfaces.

One of the most important decisions you'll make when installing a new kitchen is which type of work surface to choose. Worktops are a natural focal point in your kitchen, complementing the units and flooring, so become a key part of the design process. Since they are also one of the most costly and frequently used elements, it’s important to get it right. You’ll want to choose a style that you like the look of, and is practical for your lifestyle.


As with sinks and taps, worktop technology and design is constantly evolving so I start by asking three questions; What have you seen that you like? How hard wearing do you need it to be? What’s your budget?


Options fall into these camps:



Stylish, beautiful and luxurious, it’s one of the most popular choices but it’s extremely heavy and comes with a significant price tag.



A man-made alternative to traditional stone worktops like granite, it’s also heavy and expensive, but can be created in any colour. Employing industrial techniques, natural quartz is fortified with resin creating a durable, customisable surface.


Silestone or Corian

A blend of natural minerals and clear acrylic, this stunning material can be shaped into any design, and any colour including multiple-edge profiles and integrated sinks, but is also heavy and costly.



The most economical option, laminate has progressed in terms of design and durability. Comprising a plastic overlay and design layer bonded to manmade board, it mimics hundreds of finishes, from weathered wood to veined marble, at a fraction of the price, whilst being water resistant. It’s ideal for those on a budget, but not as hard-wearing as other surfaces and rarely offers the wow factor. Quality varies widely so be sure to choose a brand that will last.


Solid wood

Good for country kitchens but needs regular aftercare in terms of oiling and protection. Although it ages well, it can stain and scratch.


Stainless Steel/Zinc

Great for creating an industrial look, it’s hygienic and easy to clean but can look a bit clinical.



A fairly recent innovation, it’s stylish and works well with modern schemes but, not surprisingly, it isn’t the easiest of surfaces to keep clean!


We’ve helped clients make decisions about kitchen design for almost 30 years. With expert knowledge of the best products available and proven solutions to hand, we’ll ensure you achieve a superb result.



To view a range of work surfaces or find out more please pop into our friendly Evesham showroom at 54 Cheltenham Road, Evesham, open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm and Saturday 8.30am to 4.00pm. Please call ahead or email us if you would like to arrange an appointment with one of our designers.


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