Caring For Your Pets

Vet Meg Archer of Folly Gardens, who has a specialist interest in animal dermatology, on the health benefits of dog grooming.


The onset of winter means many pet owners find themselves wishing if only their dog could put on a pair of wellies and use an umbrella… but until that day comes we have to find other ways of keeping them (and our homes) clean.


Mud, rain and early morning dew make it tricky to keep your pet looking and smelling good. Most dogs will seize any chance they can get to paddle in puddles or roll in grass so it’s not long before the clean-up operation needed when you get home makes every walk feel like an expedition. Factor in short legs, long hair or a pale coloured coat and it’s even more of an issue.


A fleece or waterproof coat will offer some protection but the most practical solution lies in grooming. Bathing and brushing your dog is much more than just preening and fluffing, it’s a important way to keep your dog healthy. For this reason many owners choose to have their dog’s face, ears and legs trimmed and their body clipped short for winter. Short hair is quicker to wash and dry and it’s also much easier to brush.


Regular bathing and grooming brings many health benefits, especially in long-haired dogs or breeds like westies, boxers and pugs who are more likely to develop skin conditions. Daily brushing can help remove dead hair, dirt and dandruff and will bring out the natural oils in the fur giving it a healthy shine.


Grooming also acts as a basic medical check. Look out for any unusual lumps and bumps, matts, parasites like ticks and fleas, dry patches, grass seeds (in summer), and issues with nails, teeth, ears and eyes such as overgrowth, infection or inflammation.


It can be hard to keep it all up at home so we’re delighted to have extended our dog grooming service, now available at our Bishop’s Cleeve clinic as well as Crofts in Tewkesbury. Our experienced team offers the full range of services designed to keep your pet happy, healthy and ready for the red carpet.



Our RCVS accredited and cat friendly team of vets and nurses voluntarily undergo rigorous inspection and adhere to recognised clinical standards. For advice on any pet issue please call us on Tewkesbury 01684 292244 or Bishop’s Cleeve 01242 679880.




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