Light + Longevity

With a free annual inspection and ten year guarantee quality comes as standard with an L+L installation explains John Lannen.


Why do you offer a free annual inspection?

Our business model was founded on three simple ideas; respect for every customer, the importance of doing each job properly and a desire to provide a long term guarantee on our products. During 36 years of manufacturing and installing double glazing, our commitment has been to provide the best quality products, value and customer service available locally. Back in the 1980s, we settled upon an approach that remains in place today - the assurance of a ten year guarantee across our entire range, backed up by a free annual inspection.


What’s the aim of the scheme?

We want to resolve any anxiety customers might have about their investment. Regardless of what products we supply, we’ll actively protect them, year on year, for a decade. Providing this level of aftercare is a huge undertaking. Every day our team installs windows in two or three properties and the following year, on the anniversary of each installation, we send a member of our team to carry out a full inspection. Multiply that two or three houses by 52 weeks a year and ten years of the life of the guarantee and you’ll realise the scale of the operation but it’s one we’re happy to offer as a concrete expression of our ethos. Pro-actively caring for our installations means we’re able to regularly review the performance of our products, prevent any issues from developing and prolong their life. As manufacturers, it also gives us valuable insight over time which has helped us evolve new design, engineering and installation solutions.


How do customers respond?

People are usually delighted to take part because it’s a no hassle way to protect their investment. Many customers feel it adds value to their property because even if you sell your home you can pass your guarantee on to the new owner at no extra cost.


What other assurances do L&L offer?

Our ten year guarantee is insurance backed by QA National Warranties. We are members of FENSA (reg. No.11182) and the Glass and Glazing Federation. We are fully audited members of the government’s Trust Mark Scheme and a Which? Trusted Trader. Over the years we’ve collected hundreds of letters from customers telling us how much they appreciate the care with which we approach their home. So many repeat buy or recommend us and this has been central to our long term success.



Why not visit our impressive showroom in Tewkesbury where you can talk to us about the options for your home and experience our extensive range of products. Alternatively, call us on 01684 295038 to arrange a free home visit.




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