Folly Gardens Pet Talk:
Choosing a Cat

Vet Lizzie Threadingham of Folly Gardens, Tewkesbury and Bishop’s Cleeve advises on how to choose a cat to join your family.


Cats are a huge love of mine, an affection I share with many others. At Folly Gardens, cats make up 40% of our patients whilst in the UK alone there are currently around 8.5 million kept as pets. There are many reasons why cats have such appeal, but for most of us it comes down to the fact that they bring love and fun into your life without the intense daily commitment required by a dog.


Of course, taking on the responsibility for any animal is not something to be done lightly but cats are lower maintenance than dogs, for instance, they don't need walking. However, they need regular interaction with humans and must be cared for and played with every day to keep them physically and mentally active.


So how do you go about choosing a cat for your family? The first question is do you want a regular moggy (domestic shorthaired) or a pedigree? Next, think about whether you want a kitten or to rescue an adult animal. It’s worth talking to other owners, our nurses can offer advice, and you can do your own research online at and Most families will opt for a moggy because pedigree cat breeding is a highly specialist field and long haired varieties demand enormous dedication in terms of grooming.


Once you’ve decided how to source your cat, you need to prepare your home for its arrival and think about training. Putting in the effort to handle it, play with it and teach it basic right from wrong will set you all up for a problem free experience.


Microchipping is advisable for clarity of ownership because cats are talented at having multiple homes. Since your cat will wander, climb, socialise, have sexual contact and possibly fight with other cats, vaccination, worming and flea protection are all important. You may also want to invest in medical insurance to protect against unexpected bills.


Whether you are choosing your first cat or bringing a second or third cat into your home, we can help with advice, offer an initial health check and routine health checks plus ongoing support. For help with any cat issue please call us on 01684 292244 or 01242 679880.




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